Andrzej Rzepkowski

For full understanding of Andrzej Rzepkowski character we have to know about His two biggest passions, which He links very skilfully, about painting and jazz music. Andrzej Rzepkowski was born in Lublin in 1939. His early youth was in ‘50s when He heard jazz music for the first time and when He has started to dream about playing the music instrument. The music accompanied Him from the very beginning – surrounded Him in family house because of His Mother – teacher of music class. When He has started to learn playing a clarinet in Warsaw school of music the passion of music grown to very realistic shapes. The every-day-life which used to verify every plan of youths also this time made that Andrzej Rzepkowski got technical education instead of musical. Never He lost – however – His artistic sensitivity and youthful musical passion. He was learning to play by Himself with a group of jazz friends.

His second passion appeared much lately. Andrzej Rzepkowski became to be fascinated by painting and he was creating only for His own benefit at a beginning – like poet who writes only to the drawer. He has graduated three-year course of drawing and painting under direction of few Lublin’s painters, in 1995 by the act of Presidium of Main Management Council of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers, He was accepted among members of this Association.

Years of working out finding His own style and improving workshop gave the beginning of “Jazz painting” series. It was a series of pictures treated as music impressions, which presented musicians during concerts. Rzepkowski by a single stroke of line and choice of colours He achieves the effect of dynamism itself – pictures seems to vibrate by jazz rhythm. The beginning of the ‘90s was a period in Rzepkowski’s life when He agreed to organize the first exhibitions of “playing poets” by the persuasion of His friends. Those years teem with many prestige very much exhibitions, individual orders and projects of music discs covers. The pictures were the part of stenography to TV movies (“Count Basie Made in Poland”, “Tribute to Ella”).

Another group of themes of Rzepkowski’s artistic interests are generic scenes, portraits of Jews and architecture of small villages. Gentle, soft, enlightened landscapes, warm afternoons at Krakow’s Kazimierz streets gives the impression of affirmation of every-day-life, of finding the beautifulness without any useless ostentation. Jewish theme is still present in artist production for circa ten years, also twice stay in Israel strongly effected with inspire and contributed fresh quality. Pictures made under inspiration of the excursion were presented for the first time at collective exhibition in Jews Theatre Gallery in Warsaw in 1994. Andrzej Rzepkowski is a author of sacral pictures which are presented in Czech and Polish churches for instance in St. Dorothy church in Licheń, in Home of a Convent of Marian Priests in Warsaw, in Seminary of Marian Priests in Lublin or in Mary Curie – Skłodowska University in Lublin as well. Artist has painted portraits of two of General Superiors of Pauline’s Convent, which are currently placed at Convent of Light Mountain (Jasnagóra).

Passion and production of Andrzej Rzepkowski, continued in spite of education and every-day-life entering perfectly in words of famous, Lublin’s art historian Stanisław Mrówczyński: “It is necessary to have a lot of braveness nowadays to be able to walk own way chosen by itself”.

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